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Quiet Book Space -- About Us

Dear reader,

We built this site in July 2021! Quiet Book Space aims to create a quiet space for developers, programmers, and engineers to supplement their knowledge.

We try to offer a large number of books, mainly computer and technical book categories. Science and math books will also be available. We also have a considerable accumulation of investment and computer and engineering content reference books. The site is just getting started, the number of books is small, but they are relatively new. We hope to help developers to join the discussion in each book post. You can express what your thoughts are regarding any book. Also, we expect developers can tell us which category of books you are interested in. We can keep the list in our minds and post them once we have those books.

This site also focuses on some current topics in the IT industry. Therefore, we will post some articles regarding programming language status, any published tools, and so on. Thank you!


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