TIOBE Ranking in October- Python Beats Java, C as the Most Popular Programming Language

The latest October statistics from TIOBE show Python as the most popular programming language for the first time, overtaking Java, JavaScript, and C. TIOBE has been tracking the popularity of programming languages for the past 20 years, using data from searches of 25 search engines and websites, including but not limited to Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube and more.

Python is at 11.27%, followed by C at 11.16%, and Java at 10.4%.

The TOP10 are C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Assembly.

Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE, enthuses that Python, a simple scripting language to replace Perl, has matured to become the most popular programming language for the first time, thanks to its ease of learning, extensive libraries, and wide range of applications.

Python developers added 2.2 million last year due to the explosion of demand in machine learning, data science, and other fields over the years.

Oct 2021Oct 2020ChangeProgramming LanguageRatingsChange
13changePython pagePython11.27%-0.00%
21changeC pageC11.16%-5.79%
32changeJava pageJava10.46%-2.11%
44 C++ pageC++7.50%+0.57%
55 C# pageC#5.26%+1.10%
66 Visual Basic pageVisual Basic5.24%+1.27%
77 JavaScript pageJavaScript2.19%+0.05%
810changeSQL pageSQL2.17%+0.61%
98changePHP pagePHP2.10%+0.01%
1017changeAssembly language pageAssembly language2.06%+0.99%

For more programming language rankings, please see here: TIOBE Index for October 2021

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