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The Starfinder Pact Worlds book size is pretty big. For better User Experience on reading, this book has been split into seven posts. Each part can be load quickly to read. 

There are two parts on this page. Please enjoy reading!

What's In This Book - Starfinder Pact Worlds?

Star Seeker is an adventure game, which means there are two abilities, the amount of damage you can take before you die, and the ability to stick to your faith in the face of adversity. This is reflected by points in three different systems: health (HP), endurance (SP), and determination (RP).

Health and endurance are closely intertwined: persistence represents how much you can withstand a slight scratch without sustained damage, and health reflects how much actual damage you can withstand while staying upright and awake. Instead, resolution Points (RP) are more like an indicator of your willpower and determination, measured by your ability to overcome physical limits and apply discipline even when the odds are against you.

This book has 4 chapters. The first chapter is from page 8 to page 147.

Therefore, Starfinder Pact Worlds Part 1, 2, 3, 4 are the Chapter 1: The Worlds

This part 1 will cover: The Sun, Aballon, and Castrovel.

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Star Seeker role-playing games contain not just one world but millions of worlds in a vast galaxy, some of them home to mature civilizations, and many more completely unknown, mature explorations. At the heart of the game is the Pact Worlds, an alliance of Worlds that share the sun and unite to defend themselves against a more severe threat. The world of the Covenant itself offers plenty of adventure opportunities, as well as a familiar base from which starship crews can explore the myriad secrets of a strange universe.

The recent history of the world of contracts began about three centuries ago with the end of the Gap, a magical, trans-cosmic period of amnesia in which all known records were lost or discredited. The Solar system of the Convention world is still known as the Golarion system, which is a key inhabited planet. However, that world disappeared during the Gap and was replaced by a vast spatial platform called Absalom Station.

As part of a more important organization, the governments of the member states of the “convention World” are autonomous and free to govern themselves as they see fit within their borders as long as they abide by some general rules.

Unlike an actual system-wide government, the convention ensures that its members work together in times of conflict and aims to provide members with ways to resolve each other’s problems without resorting to war.

It also regulates trade between worlds and provides interplanetary law enforcement to hunt down criminals who have fled Earth for crimes or whose transgressions are not subject to the jurisdiction of any particular world. These security forces are directly contracted or controlled by a group of trained diplomatic peacekeepers known as “stewards” (see page 189).

The standard unit of currency in the Treaty world is the credit, although some planets also use their currency for local trade. Business between the planets of the compact world was always based on credit standards, and new union members had to convert their local economies into credit. Some civilizations outside the contract world also use this credit standard to make trading with the system more accessible.

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