Raspberry Pi Cookbook Software and Hardware Problems & Solutions Cover


This book introduces some of the techniques and methods used by Python in various fields. They are from the most basic dictionary and sorting of character file sequences to the more advanced object-oriented programming of database and data persistence XML processing and Web programming, to the more advanced and abstract descriptor decorators, metaclass iterators, and generators.

The book also introduces the use of third-party packages and libraries, including Twisted GIL PyWin32, which covers many common Python problems and provides general solutions.

The code and methods in the book are efficient and can be easily applied to real projects with immediate results. Significantly, the authors of this book have rich practical experience in the industry. Therefore, this book provides solutions to various problems and reflects the thinking mode and good programming habits of many experts.

Compared with specific details, this part is undoubtedly the essence of this book. This book is suitable for those who have some foundation in Python.

If you want to buy it, you can find it from here.

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