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What is Angular

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework developed by Google. It was first released at the end of 2010 but didn’t debut its stable version until early 2011. Nevertheless, it has been hailed as a robust framework for creating dynamic Web applications by implementing the Model-View-Controller (commonly known as the MVC architecture).

Google is also responsible for maintaining and updating the framework. In the second update, AngularJS was completely deprecated and started anew as Angular. Since then, Angular has been updated every two years, and today, the latest version of Angular is Angular8. The only difference is that Angular is now based on TypeScript (which is a superset of JavaScript) but still retains the MVC architecture.

So that’s just a brief introduction to Angular, and now let’s look at all the stuff behind MVC architecture.

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is an application of artificial intelligence in which computer programs use algorithms to find patterns in data. They can do this without special programming and without having to rely on humans. In today’s world, machine learning algorithms lag behind almost all artificial intelligence (AI) technological advances and applications on the market. Ai systems typically can plan, learn, reason, solve problems, sense, move, and even manipulate.

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