Bugs of Android Alarm App, Rated 1 Star, as Culprit Caused Unemployment

This blog starts from the built-in android alarm app has two bugs…

Unconsciously, the alarm clock for people to get up has evolved from the plain and bulky bedside clock to the clock app for mobile phones. We have also become accustomed to listening to the music and vibration of mobile phones to start a new day. After all, the clock App that can ring even when we are turned off looks more reliable than the bedside clock that suddenly runs out of power one day.

But have you ever set your alarm, and it doesn’t go off? Many Reddit users have recently experienced this, blaming Google Clock and even losing their jobs because they were late for work. 

Hot posts on Reddit got attention

One Reddit user, @policeshootout, first raised the issue with Google Clock:

He noted that both he and his wife are Pixel 3 users, but their morning and evening alarms haven’t gone off since Tuesday, and even when they are reset, they say “miss” and nothing happens. To do so, the couple even wiped the phone’s storage/cache, deleted the alarm, and then reset the phone and alarm time. Strangely, his wife’s alarm clock worked, but his own didn’t go off or go off.

Frustrated, @u/Policeshootout posted a plea on Reddit: “I don’t know what to do, does anyone have any ideas?”

What started as a request for help turned into a gathering place for Pixel users to make fun of it, and many Pixel users commented that they had encountered a similar situation:

@ GermanCity:

“I had the same problem with my Pixel 4A yesterday morning. At first I thought I didn’t notice the alarm clock, but today it was the same. Both days MY phone was charged at night, so it was connected to a power outlet with the screen facing up. I woke up today and started researching the problem. It turned out that five of the six alarms I set didn’t go off, and the only one that went off stopped almost immediately. I hope this problem doesn’t happen tomorrow, so far the only solution is to delete the phone cache/storage.”

@ xRingo:

“It’s crazy. This has been happening with my Pixel 2 for years. I’m ready for another alarm app. How ridiculous is it that a simple alarm app doesn’t ring.”

@ John_Wang:

“This morning, for the first time in two years, my Pixel 3A didn’t go off. While it’s not a significant alarm clock, the weird thing is that this seems to happen to other people.”

The alarm clock did not ring, users rate a star

Since Google Clock is a built-in app for Pixel phones, Pixel users are mostly affected, but Oppo and OnePlus users are also known to have the same problem.

When your alarm clock doesn’t go off, it’s obviously a big deal for many of us, and just waking up early for school and being late for work is enough to cause headaches, so many of us are giving it a star on Google Play:

One hapless user wrote: ‘I lost my teaching job because I missed two morning classes.’

It’s not clear what causes Google Clock to fail, but according to Android Authority, the app has two bugs:

When the phone is in DND mode, the Google Clock alarm does not ring.

Using Spotify to set Google Clock will also cause the alarm to stop ringing.

Google is aware of the first Bug and said, “We’ve addressed this with our product and engineering teams and will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.”

It’s unclear whether the Bug is in the app itself or the operating system, as Google hasn’t given much information. If it’s the former, it’s easy to fix and doesn’t take too long to apply updates. If the latter, wait for the next system update.

Many Google Clock users have reported that their alarm clocks don’t work when the tone is set to Spotify playlists. As a result, some affected users speculated that Spotify integration might be the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, there is still no fix.

The second Bug — when the alarm clock is set to Spotify playlist, the alarm clock does not ring, but it works as the default. Many users believe that this is the integration of Spotify and Google Clock, but Google has not responded to the problem and fixed it.

While not everyone is affected by the Google Clock alarm failure, the Android Authority poll shows that most users experience it, so Google needs to fix this rather severe and annoying Bug as soon as possible.

Have you had similar experiences? Have you ever encountered a phone alarm clock inexplicable does not ring the problem?

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